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Does Space Cadet Flight Risk Show Positive on a Drug Test?


We get this question all of the time…Does space cadet flight risk show positive on a drug test?  The answer is not normally but in some cases yes space cadet flight risk will prove positive on a drug test.  If you are going in for a normal urine drug test you do not have anything to worry about.  Although synthetic potpourri is designed to mimic marijuana it does not test positive for THC using conventional drug tests.  This is one of the huge attractions to the products.  People everywhere are looking for alternatives to illegal drugs.  In this economy who could blame anyone for wanting to hold down their current employment.  Since most other products on the market are crap Space Cadet Flight Risk has become extremely popular due to it’s potent effect.

does space cadet flight risk show on a drug testPeople have come to love Space Trippin and demand to keep it 100 times.  Once you have been to outer space anything less will just not do.  This is why people are doing anything they can to keep stocked up with space cadet.  Try it one time and you will see there is nothing like it on the market today.

That is all great information if your employer likes to pop random drug tests.  If you have only been using space cadet flight risk you will not show positive on your drug screening unless…  Yeah there is an unless.  If you are in the military and they decide to do mouth swabs for drug tests you will fail.  This has happened and we have proof of the indecent.  The Army has used mouth swab tests to test specifically for herbal potpourri.  This is very random and usually only happens if someone is under the suspicion of using such products.   So the good new is you are not likely to test positive on a drug test from using Space Cadet Flight Risk unless you are in the military.  The good news is mouth swab tests are only accurate within 5 days of usage.  So you would have to be tested within 5 days of using Space Cadet Flight Risk 100x.

Keep in mind if your employer does random drug tests you should be safe unless they use mouth swabs.  This could easily change if companies decide to start testing for the active chemicals JWH and others found in herbal potpourris.  This is not likely to happen considering the 100′s of other substances they have not gotten around to checking for.  Our question is when are employers going to start checking for drunks?  These idiots cause why more harm and damage to the people around them than the hippies do.  Start doing a few BAC tests on employees instead of performing drug tests on people for using space cadet flight risk.

Best Legal Drug


If you’re on the website, you’re most likely searching for the best legal drug on the market. Herbal smoke incense products serve as alternatives to marijuana and has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Alternative marijuana or herbal smoking products have been receiving both positive and negative reviews over the internet, news stations and forums worldwide. In my opinion, the main reason thee herbal incense blends have become so popular is because users smoke in confidence knowing that they are smoking a legal herbs that don’t carry heavy consequences like marijuana.

With so many herbal incense products on the market, consumers have found a way to locate legal ways to get high. Although many providers claim that these products are incense and not for human consumption, they’ve essentially become a replacement for natural pot. Since these legal herbal blends are not regulated by any laws, (yet) they have become the new trend of 2011 and have drastically grown in users and manufacturers. Some of the common names that these legal buds have coined are Spice, K2, Space Incense, Maui Hybrid and Kush.  

Not that you have a good idea of the best legal drug is, you’re probably wondering what’s exactly in these products. Many of these products contain synthetic cannabinoids such as JWH-018 which was developed by a Clemson Professor by the name of John Huffman. This was one of initial synthetic cannabinoids which was created in 1995. These synthetic compounds are the main active ingredients in these smoking blends which offer the same effect as marijuana.

This specific compound has been found in over 20 popular brands of herbal incense and is now banned. Herbal smoking blends have been revamped to meet this legal requirements so don’t be afraid to go and purchase a gram or two.

One thing that many users fail to realize about these herbal incense blends is that are not meant to smoked. Certain brand names offer potent incense blends that you do not have to smoke, burning the herbs as incense and inhaling only a little is suffice. Although this method is extremely effecting in relaxing your mind and body, there are still users who prefer to smoke these herbal blends. These blends are similar to marijuana but not the same in many different ways. Always follow the directions on the package that you purchase and use these products in moderation.

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